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The island of Chios it’s one of the most unexplored and unspoiled islands of the North Aegean, full of secrets, surprises and hidden treasures.

The Nature:

Chios is blessed by nature: The island is rich in pine trees that offer not only a beautiful landscape the area but also allow a very clean and fresh atmosphere. In the area of Kampos we have one of the most well-known products of Chios, the tangerine and the citrus fruits that fill the area with a delicate scent.

The History:

The best part of Chios and what makes the island unique is what are known as the ‘’mastikahoria’’, the famous mastic villages of Chios.
These medieval villages will take you back in time, through the centuries!
Their economy was based on the cultivation of mastic, a gum from the mastic trees that are unique to the South of the island!
From all these villages, the most impressive are Pirgi with its unique painted houses, Olympi and Mesta which are both medieval fortress towns pretty much intact.

The Beaches:

 This island has 91 beaches in total, with crystal clear water, sand or pebbles. Mavra Volia is one of the most beautiful and well-known beaches of the island. It is famous for the large black pebbles that resulted from a volcanic explosion.
Another beach worth mention is Apothika. It is one of the most favorite beaches for both locals and visitors. There are also available activities such as canoeing.
Karfas beach is a large beach covered with fine white sand and very clean and warm waters of turquoise shade. Karfas is especially popular with families with kids, young people and lovers of active water activities (waterski, Kite surfing, fishing). In general Chios has perfect spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing, mainly in the area of Kontari.

Outdoor activities:

Due to the mild weather Chios is a perfect place to have outdoor activities such as jogging, trail walks in several paths, and mainly water sports.
Chios has also some of the best places for scuba diving and divers can explore the beauty and mysteries of underwater Chios. Other activities such as boat & yacht sailing is very popular as well.

Local gastronomy:

We have to mention about delicious Chios cuisine but there no words to describe how it tastes.

One of the most well know dishes is the pasta which is called “herissia”, a hand- made past with a characteristic shape with a hole in the middle for a better boiling. It is served with a rooster which cooked in red wine, cinnamon, spices 

and fresh local naturel tomatoes for many hours.

Likewise, Chios is known by the sweets with masticha as well as the ‘’spoon sweets’’ which are made with several fruits from the island: figs, mandarins, tangerines and many others.

Chios is ready to offer you 100% natural local healthy food.