Alalina is a Greek Construction Company, based in the island of Chios, bringing together experts with various backgrounds in order to provide you the high quality of housing available.
Our main concern is developing intelligent investment projects that add value to its’ surrounding and gain value after sales as a result.

We target to change concrete into diamond.

With years of experience of our management in the construction industry, our knowledge of the market is advanced and varied. Our experts bring valuable market insights, gained from collective experience in the field.

We care about using high end construction materials, together with high-tech intelligent house technology. Because we believe you deserve that.

Regarding the reality of today, we are very sensitive about the natural sources of the world and avoid polluting the nature. At our existing project Alalina No 1 we designed our buildings with environmentally friendly products and each house will be producing its’ own energy from sun.

We guarantee you that from the first day you contact us, until the last day you keep on owning our houses, we will be one phone call away for all your demands.